Breast cancer risk and epigenetic effects of the rotating night shift work and lifestyle.


Final meeting 2016-11-17


1. Welcome and opening – Dr Beata Pepłońska
2. General overview of the project – Dr Beata Pepłońska
3. Presentation by WP leaders/participants:
a) Presentation of the workpackage 1 "Methylation status of core circadian genes and tumor suppressor genes in cross-sectional study of Polish nurses" – Dr Edyta Reszka
b) Presentation of the workpackage 2 "Epigenetic changes in the core circadian, melatonin receptors, and female hormone receptor genes and breast cancer risk in Norwegian nurses" – Dr Shanbeh Zienolddiny, Heidi Ødegaard Notø
c) Presentation of the workpackage 3 "Night shift work, lifestyle factors and methylation status of selected genes involved in breast carcinogenesis" – Dr Beata Pepłońska
d) Presentation of the workpackage 4 "Rotating night shift work, sex hormones and core circadian genes methylation pattern" – Dr Beata Pepłońska
e) Presentation of the workpackage 5 "Night shift work, chronotype, sleep disturbances and methylation status of core circadian genes and selected cell cycle regulatory genes" – Agnieszka Bukowska
4. Discussion, results achieved, reporting, plans for dissemination of the project results, future plans, plans for future cooperation