Breast cancer risk and epigenetic effects of the rotating night shift work and lifestyle.

Project partners

The National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH, STAMI) is the national research institute for work and health in Norway. The Institute contributes through quality-assured scientific publication tto bring light to associations between work and health. In addition to a high level of participation in international research networks, NIOH participates in a number of cooperations at the departmental level.
The Department of Chemical and Biological Work Environment (NIOH) is working on mapping and identifiying chemical and biological contaminants in the work environment that can lead to health risks for workers. The department also studies how work related injuries occur. The department's activities are divided between research, studies and services.
The Department for Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology is working to map possible connections between work environment and disease. The department conducts research projects within reproduction and cancer, potential damage on the nervous system, lungs and the respiratory system, and the consequences of different work regulations.

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The Cancer Registry of Norway (Kreftregisteret) is one of the oldest national cancer registries in the world. This, combined with the unique personal identification number system in Norway, makes the Cancer Registry’s data suitable, also internationally; for establishing new knowledge through research and spreading information on cancer. The Cancer Registry is part of South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and is organized as an independent institution under Oslo University Hospital Trust, with its own board.
The Cancer Registry is responsible for national screening programmes: the Breast Cancer Screening Programme and the Cervical Cancer Screening Programme. The Registry’s competence within diagnostics and treatment is increasing and during the past 20 years it has in cooperation with the clinical milieu in Norway developed clinical registries to ultimately improve the treatment of cancer.


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Principal investigator at NIOH: Shanbeh Zienolddiny, PhD