Breast cancer risk and epigenetic effects of the rotating night shift work and lifestyle.


Rotating night shift work, sex hormones and core circadian genes methylation pattern

Leader: PhD Beata Pepłońska

The objective of this work package is to investigate associations between rotating night shift of nurses and midwives, methylation pattern of core circadian genes and selected hormonal factors (estradiol, testosterone, and DHEAS). Data from a cross-sectional study of nurses and midwives (n=725 women) will be used (for more information, see "Study population"). Based on the blood samples, taken from the study subjects, concentrations of estradiol, testosterone, and DHEAS have been determined. Determination of core circadian genes (BMAL1, CLOCK, Per1, Per2, Per3, Cry1, Cry 2, NPAS2) methylation is described under WP1. Epidemiological analyses will be performed at the Epidemiology Unit of the Nofer Institute.